Hi Patrick, I just wanted to thank you so much for the kindness, expertise and the professionalism that you exhibited during the entire process of helping me purchase my new home. You patiently listened to my questions and promptly returned the answers regarding all the documents that were required as part of the escrow. You were always on time for our in-person meetings. I look forward to working with you in the near future on the sale of my current residence.


I have know Lisa Loyd for 30 years both in a professional and personal capacity. During this recent constrained inventory marketplace , Lisa advised me on a home. Lisa Loyd is a woman of high integrity and character. Lisa proves this by every interaction you have, and same with Patrick. Along with being a data and facts professional, Lisa is a midwestern value woman. It’s rare these days. Work with her, you’ll see. navigating this market is hard. Especially if you are uncertain. Lisa has a gentle touch with business, along with a seasoned vet protectiveness that clients need.


Patrick is an incredibly committed, high integrity, and knowledgeable professional. It will be hard to find someone who matches his knowledge of the market and the details of home communities in Huntington Beach. He sold many of the new homes in Brightwater and understands the tiniest of details and features in each home. Most important, he's a great guy and fun to work with.

Louise E.

Having worked with Patrick for eight years, I know how hard he works on every single home sale or purchase. He truly wants the best for each of his clients. You won't find a better agent in my opinion.

Kent W.

Great personal dedication and special attention to each individual client.

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